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The Henry - Dibo Cross......

By gamedog

This story is based on wishful thinking in a certain direction that could be linked, but is by no means the truth. It is just a hint for the readers to think in a certain direction when breeding bulldogs and why some of the legendary old-timers are still on the top of the mountain after all these decades of breeding their family, because they carry a big hidden secret about the truth of one of the greatest clicks in history to produce awesome bulldogs.

Some time ago I was studying the roots and background off my bulldogs again and of other major bulldogs from the past with the help of pedigrees on line. It went pretty good and fast I came across the Eli/Boudreaux dogs and especially the Eli dog himself and the dogs before him. To my surprise I saw that he came from light colored dogs who were red bred and/or white buckskin and white brindle dogs traits from the Colby bloodline The Eli family turned from these colors black almost overnight he’s heavy Dibo inbred bred and since Dibo was one of if not the most important producer of his days it kind of looked odd that the Eli family turned black overnight.

When I arrived at my friend’s yard in Texas, USA, we started to talk about the various Eli family’s and stuff and my friend told me (who was close with Jerry Clemmons for some time and who owned the black Nigger Toby dog for some time that he bought off Clemmons) that Clemmons and one of the less known but best Eli breeder of the past, J.D. Elliot, had said to him “If you ever breed these dogs good and tight and a red one comes along, keep that one, as it most certainly will turn out good and you need him to breed back into your black family stock”. My friend never understood why and he told me that they never told him why. He took me to Jerry Clemmons place who I met and his very nice wife we saw the yard and his famous Six Bits dog and some others and youngsters. He didn’t have a lot of dogs around, about 12 or so, but it was educational and very nice to meet up with this old-timer and the man who bred Bullyson, Eli Jr and Brandy. A couple of days later I was picked up by another friend of mine from the Bulldog Ranch. He took me up to Louisiana and we visited Floyd Boudreaux. I was impressed by the same looks his bulldogs had as our dogs.  What I liked about those dogs was that most of them were “90%” all black.

He had a couple of red dogs some red nosed and you could see that they were old-time stuff like the Wallace dogs were looking. Now I knew that his dogs were awful tight bred, but looked so good something that didn’t hit me right then. We had a lovely day and me and my wife and friend and Mr. Boudreaux had dinner at a good restaurant Cajun style! When I got back to my friends place a couple of days later I told him that these Boudreaux dogs looked too good compared with their inbred peds and that I found it odd that these 2 men after so many years in the game, still were and are the best Eli breeders around. I couldn’t help thinking about an interview  with Danny Burton who once  said that Earl Tudor loved the Henry dogs the best and that they were big headed black dogs with reddish eyes and they were crazy to fight and nobody knew where they came from????.

In that same interview Burton said that the first ting Earl Tudor told him was to know how to cheat! One of my mentors in bulldogs H.F aka Dirty Harry told me that Scotty Nelson stayed at his house in the UK for about 3 months. and during his stay there was lots of bulldog talk. And he told Dirty Harry that Earl Tudor imported dogs from the UK up until the mid to late 50's! WE know that the gross of the STB are black or black brindle dogs these dogs  compared to APBT have (on average) more biting power and are very explosive but lack depth and Gameness!!. Although according to my other mentor they were sound and good dogs until the 50's where they as a breed lost it. It’s also known and discussed in interviews with legendary dog man of the past, that The Eli/Bullyson dogs and the alligator Bullyson crosses have Black mouths especially there pallets the funny thing is  the black SBT has it to!!..I suddenly realized that it could be that Earl Tudor kept 2 families registered under ONE name which is known as the Dibo family.  He could have these Henry dogs registered as Dibo dogs but in fact they were a secret family of dogs or at least some individuals, who when bred together made one hell of a click. Isn’t it funny that these Boudreaux bred dogs turned black overnight?? And are bred so tightly that they actually would not be able to function. Isn’t it funny that the red ones that popped up should be used to be bred in? Why was Carvers Black Widow stolen back by Tudor, who changed her name to Tudors Black Shine bred to his (Dibo) Spike dog 2 times and destroyed. Why was the Nigger dog, Earl’s favorite dog, with his favorite pedigree? In them days he had the same pedigree as many other dogs around Earl’s group.

There was one difference and that was that N.GGER was black!! All of a sudden, in a time span of not that many years apart, these great known ace dogs in the likes of Eli Jr, Bullyson, Zebo, Pit General, Alligator, and so on, popped up. I t sure is funny that most of these lines clicked very well together and/or more important clicked with the same outcross families, who YES WERE HEAVY DIBO BRED, like Snooty blood or Boomerang blood. Some of us will know the Eli (Henry) x Snooty (Dibo) crosses of yesterday, together with the Zebo (Henry) x Snooty (Dibo) crosses and the Alligator (Henry) x Snooty (Dibo) crosses or the Zebo x Eli breeding’s or Alligator x Eli breeding’s, Bullyson (Henry) x Arts Missy (Dibo) or the Eli x Boomerang crosses and the alligator Heinzl crosses. Most of these legendary dogs where a product of Henry x Dibo cross registered under one name as Dibo dogs, but in fact they were battle crosses which could be the reason them pure bred Eli dogs are still looking so good and perform good, while on paper are bred awfully tight, too tight if you ask me. Don Maloney had those pure Dibo dogs, the best one he probably ever had was the Toot dog who was double bred Tudor’s Ch. Spike. Toot was like his Dibo ancestors, a real Dibo dog, light colored red dog like Dibo and Tudor’s Ch. Jeff or what about Tudor’s Ch. White Rock and so on. Where did the black colors in Eli and the Nigger and Zebo bloodlines came from? Why was Black Widow stolen? Why did they steal the old Eli dog? Why did Zebo come out of the same part of the country where they knew Eli went to? , why do they say he’s a son of Eli? Why was Pit General stolen? Not because he ore Eli was  another great dog. I think breeding had a lot to do with it as well. Today we know that Indian Sunny had Pit general stolen he disappeared from the game for 3 years and came back with Black dogs bred into his corvino/bolio dogs with the most famous dog from that line  called GrCh Midnight. His style, look, and his remaining family that followed him where not of the bolio/corvino types.

Too many coincidences surround the legendary black aces of the past. Last but not least, the conning and stealing probably started with Tudor’s sins. NIGGER was his favorite dog in color and pedigree but he later sold him because he wasn’t the hard mouthed dog Tudor thought he would be, and he wasn't the cur that a lot of people think. This rumor was spread by Don Maloney who was present only with Tudor and Burton. Maloney didn’t like Tudor taking a liking in Burton who named his son Earl. Maloney got the Dibo dogs and Burton the NIGGER (Henry blood) producing Pit General. Another Ace dog who is believed to be a Henry/Dibo cross is GrCh Art. His daddy being Eli Jr and his mommy the Java bitch, a red Carvers Pistol bred dog with some Miss Spike and Cottons Bullet in there. Last but not least, bloodlines built around dogs like Chinaman whose daddy came out of Eli Jr (Henry) x Curtis’ Sugar (Dibo) and as mentioned before GrCh Art out of Eli Jr x sister of Sugar called Java and also the Nelis ( Henry) x Tug (Dibo) or Spike (Henry) x Tug (Dibo) breeding’s, Tug being Tombstone/Toot/Carvers Pistol/Miss Spike, bred all pure Dibo red bred dogs, while Nelis /Spike are Henry black bred through Alligator x Eli blood; a coincidence? I can go on and on, but it would be nice for the readers to do some pedigree research themselves and seek out the hidden secrets used for 30 or so years to breed outstanding dogs. Like I said its wishful thinking, and fiction or could some of this be true?

Christopher W. Jones

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